RRichard Coxev. Richard Cox, church planter at Overflow Church, Altoona, PA

Equipping:  We take Ephesians 4:11-13 seriously and believe the leaders of the church have a responsibility to equip the people of the church to be the church.  We believe strongly that the call to go and make disciples was a command given to the whole church.  We believe it is our responsibility to not only make disciples but to teach our people how to make disciples that make disciples that make disciples. #BeTheChurch

Kingdom: We are a church that is seeking His kingdom (Matthew 6:33).  We realize that it is possible for our church to grow while God’s kingdom is in decline.  For this reason, success for us will never be gaged by how many people worship on a weekend.  Success will be gaged by how many disciples are raised up, equipped, and sent out to make more disciples.  There are 290,000 people in our region that have no connection with a church or relationship with God.  We realize that if this number is to change, it demands that we do church differently.  #YourKingdomCome

Discipleship: We believe that the command to make disciples in Matthew 28:19 was given to the whole church.  We believe that it is our responsibility as a church to not only make disciples, but also make disciples who make disciples.   #DisciplesMakeDisciples


  • Think Like A Missionary
    Because we are living in a post Christian context, it’s time to begin thinking like a missionary again.  We’ll discuss what it looks like to raise up and release our people to live as missionaries


  • Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
    -How would we make disciples if we actually believed finishing the great commission was a possibility in our life time?  Join us as we discuss what it looks like to make the shift from knowledge based discipleship to obedience based.  We will look at practical steps you can take as you move towards making disciples who make disciples.